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Nimble CRM

Get started today with CRM designed for small businesses.

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Have you heard about Nimble? It's a smarter way to manage customer relationships!

Get better insights on your prospects to close more deals and save time with Nimble.

Stop wasting your precious time searching your inbox or spreadsheets for valuable customer information. Nimble is a social sales and marketing CRM that will collect and store your contacts, communication history, emails and calendars onto one simple platform.

You can see this information wherever you work: in Office 365, Dynamics 365 and G Suite. You can also collect customer data from social networks and more than 130 SaaS applications. Nimble will give everyone on your team the same information to work more efficiently.

Sales and Marketing Automation

You collect customer information from many sources and it’s hard to keep all this data up to date. Nimble uses Artificial Intelligence to complete and update your contact records so you have the latest email, phone number, location, title and company for each person.

Social Business Insights

Find out who your main prospects are and what kind of businesses they run. All you need is a name, email address or social profile and you’re good to go. Nimble will automatically take the information and build a contact record that you can use.

Customizable Dashboard

How does your sales team find information about their important prospects and customers? By logging into their sales dashboard. This powerful tool will let your sales team scan their sales pipelines so they can track priorities and build relationships with the right customers.

Group Email Marketing

You can send personalized emails to your contacts based on information Nimble gathers from their social profiles. Each email will appear as a personalized message from your email to theirs. Nimble will show you when a contact opens your message or clicks on a hyperlink. And you can see all this without leaving your Gmail inbox.

Sales Pipeline Management

Imagine how much easier it would be if each member of your sales team had access to the same information! Throw away the spreadsheets. Nimble will automatically link your team’s tasks, events and communication history to each deal. This puts everyone on the same page for each sales opportunity.

Native Chrome App

Nimble will follow you in Gmail, Twitter or anywhere else on the web to gather important information about your customers and leads. With one click, you can create and improve contact records without switching browser tabs. You can also use Nimble in your Gmail or Office 365 inbox.

Nimble Business

Get the main benefits of a CRM without the hefty price tag.

Package Features

Storage: 2GB/User

Store file attachments, contacts, and email conversations in Nimble.

Nimble Prospector: 25 Credits/User/Month (Upgrades Available)

Artificial Intelligence to help you automatically discover emails, phone numbers, and address details for all of your prospects.

Group Messages: 100/User/Day

Send personalized group messages with open and click tracking to any segment of your contacts.

Email Templates: Unlimited

Save time by creating and using email templates for messages sent from Nimble.

Unified Message Inbox

Combine multiple email accounts with your Twitter account for a unified inbox. Connect your accounts and Nimble will automatically match conversations to your contacts.

Deal Pipeline Management

Track and measure sales opportunities with our intuitive pipeline.

Sales Forecasts and Reports

Measure sales success and compare sales rep performance with pipeline reporting.

Social Media Signals

Social listening to help you get the most from your social networks. View and add your recent followers, DM's, retweets, and lists from Twitter. Schedule posts to Twitter and your Facebook Business Page.

Today Page Dashboard

Homepage dashboard with your daily summary of events, tasks, deals, and recent interactions on social.

Contact Management

Manage contacts and leads with our intelligent search and segmentation. Organize contacts by tags, segments, last contacted, and send targeted outreach.

Activity and Task Management

Stay organized and focused on your projects with task management and calendar syncing.

Nimble Smart Contacts App

Our powerful browser extension that provides you with contextual contact insights and access to Nimble, everywhere you work. Available for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

Calendar Sync

Two way sync for your Google Calendar account. Office 365 and iCloud coming soon.

Social Profile Match

Nimble will search and match additional social profiles for your contacts from LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Crunchbase, AngelList and much more.

Individual Email Tracking

Open and click tracking and notifications for messages sent from Nimble or Gmail.

Included Integrations

Native integrations with PieSync, MailChimp, PandaDoc, and Wufoo.

Email Signature Capture

Nimble parses email signatures in Gmail to quickly create and update contacts while you’re on an email thread.

Mobile Business Card Scanner

Scan business cards with our mobile app to quickly create contact records while you’re on the go.

# Contact Records: 25,000 (Unlimited upgrades)

The total number of contact records (people & companies) stored in your account.

# User Licenses: Unlimited

The total number of user licenses for your account.

Email Message Syncing: Unlimited

Don’t worry about BCC’ing an email ever again, automatically syncs messages from your connected email accounts to your contacts.

Import Contact Limit: Unlimited

Limit of contacts that may be imported from CSV or social network at once.

Custom Fields: 1,000

Customize contact data fields to best suit your needs.

Saved Search Segments: Unlimited

Build and save advanced search segments for organization and outreach.


Leverage the Nimble API to create custom integrations with your systems.

Looking for more information about Nimble? Take a look at our Product Sheet.