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Create, assign and manage all your employees’ email signatures and add targeted marketing banners.

Let us help.

Leverage a centralized interface to easily create and manage the email signatures of all your employees.

Stop getting worked up about your signatures! Letsignit provides a Drag & Drop Editor: simplicity of use, no need for HTML skills.

Take advantage of each email to broadcast and amplify your brand.
Letsignit helps you regain control over your digital identity. Harmonize 100% of your employee’s email signatures in just a few clicks!

121 professional emails are received and 40 are sent every day by an employee. With Letsignit, turn every email into a powerful communication opportunity: send the right message to the right person at the right time!

One Campaign to Rule Them All

Multiply the impact of your marketing campaigns by relaying them in your email signatures! You can choose which collaborators will be targeted by which campaign and for how long.

Engage Your Audience

Measure your email signatures’ return on investment by collecting clicks. Identify who is the best performer for each signature or campaign!

Synchronize Faster

Connect Letsignit with Azure AD or G Suite Directory to automatically synchronize employee database & directory groups.
No worries if you prefer to do it manually or via .csv import.

Simple Accessibility

Automatically push email signatures on each new email on Outlook.
Users can preview signatures before sending and also check/modify coordinates.

Get started with Letssignit today.